About us


Kudlik Aviation Inc. is a company whose mission it is to provide commercial air transport services, primarily for its sister companies. Created in 2009 to meet the rapidly growing demands of transportation to the North, Kudlik Aviation took off in April of that same year with its first aircraft, a Pilatus PC12/45. The acquisition quickly became a competitive advantage, allowing access to construction sites when it mattered.

Our permanent staffs consist of a dozen aviation enthusiasts and four aircrafts. The company specializes in the air transportation of workers, cargo and a wide variety of goods to northern sites in Nunavik (Northern Quebec) and Nunavut (northern Canada, the Arctic, Baffin Island). Our flight crews are very versatile. They are as comfortable in large international airports as they are on the small gravel runways of Arctic communities. This adaptability allows them to optimize each flight, while ensuring passenger safety. It is not uncommon to travel more than 3,000 km in a day.



Embracing the values of the founders of Construction Gély Inc., Kudlik Aviation Inc. aims to impart employees there values that gives Kudlik Aviation Inc. its competitive edge. Senior managers promote RESPECT for the environment and workers, CONSCIOUS awareness of actions and their consequences, RIGOUR in the application of processes and good work practices, and a spirit of COLLABORATION between internal and external partners. Finally, managers and employees alike agree on the importance of LOYALTY in ensuring continued value for everyone.

Kudlik Aviation Inc is based in Quebec City.  The organisation offers a unique capacity to serve its customer from its home base thought the True North.  We offer a certified logistic for our construction camps to the upper limits of the Canadian arctic.